A little piece of Denmark

We have named our glasses after cities and attractions in Denmark, to emphasize the beauty of the country we have dear.

In one of Denmark’s oldest cities, Roskilde, you will find historic sights, stunning nature and unique experiences. Take a stroll through the small streets of the medieval city and experience the city life and the many green parks.



Roskilde is much more than vikings and is home to one of Europe's biggest music festival which each year draws hundreds of music lovers and party people from all over. Each summer, the legendary Roskilde Festival is taking place in Roskilde. Roskilde Festival is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to 1971. It started out as a small hippie festival, but today it is the largest music and culture festival in Northern Europe.

You'll trip over history at every turn when exploring the ancient viking city and former capital of Denmark. As the only place in the world, Roskilde Fjord is the scene, if you're dreaming about setting sail and jumping aboard a real Viking ship. The Viking Ship Museum is located right by the shore and boasts five ships, activities for young and old, exhibitions and 1,000 years of history.

Majestically located on the city's peak, the gothic Roskilde Cathedral overlooks the city and the fjord. Meet 40 kings and queens in Denmark's royal burial church, hear the dragon screech, dive into dark crypts and find peace under the high vaults. The cathedral's architecture is a time travel through 800 years, and that has put it on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Chalk paintings, royal tombs, art and architecture tell the history of the kings, the church and Denmark.

Enjoy the neighbouring national park and walk along the fjords in the national park Skjoldungernes Land just west of the city. Lace up your walking shoes, pack a lunch and water and disappear into one of the national park’s large, deep forests, explore the rolling landscape dotted with manor estates, or bike along the fjord.

With vibrant city life and great cultural experiences, Roskilde has it all - just grab your Readers and go explore. Find our Roskilde glasses here